Our company provides top-notch remodeling and hardscape services. From complete renovations to creative exterior designs, our experts will guide you every step of the way. With meticulous attention to detail and a customer-centric approach, we create exceptional spaces that surpass your expectations.

Elevate Your Spaces with JKN Home Remodel

Welcome to JKN Home Remodel, where we bring your visions to life through our exceptional services. From stunning landscape designs to reliable concrete works, we offer custom solutions for all your home improvement needs. Create inviting patios, seamless interiors with our drywall installation, and elevate your outdoor spaces. Trust in our expertise to transform your home into a masterpiece.

Landscape Design

Elevate your outdoors with our creative landscape designs. From lush gardens to serene retreats, we bring nature’s beauty to your doorstep. Discover the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality with JKN’s expertise.

Design approval
Implementation planning
Final touches

Patios and Walkway

Create inviting spaces with our custom patios and walkways. Whether you seek a cozy nook or a grand entrance, we design and construct hardscape features that enhance your property’s charm.

Design consultation
Material selection
Layout planning
Installation preparation
Patio and walkway installation
Finishing touches

Concrete Works

Our expert concrete solutions stand the test of time. From sturdy foundations to decorative features, we deliver durable and visually appealing results. Trust our skilled team for all your concrete needs.

Site preparation
Concrete pouring
Curing and finishing
Quality check

Drywall Installation

Flawless interiors are our specialty. Our precise drywall installation ensures seamless walls and ceilings. Trust us for expert finishing that adds elegance and a polished look to your spaces.

Measurement and planning
Material selection
Installation preparation
Drywall cutting and fitting
Taping and mudding
Priming and painting

Our Working Process​



Understand your vision and needs for the project.



Present a detailed plan with cost estimates.



Skilled execution of the project with attention to detail.



Thorough review to ensure quality and satisfaction.